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Sea the future of sustainable harvests


Founded over 25 years ago, VitaminSea provides a glimpse into the amazing benefits of one of the most powerful plants on earth. Seaweed’s many varieties are rich in a multitude of nutrients that make them stand out against greens that grow on land. That’s why VitaminSea decided to start its harvest right here in Maine, where many delicious species of seaweed grow naturally. All VitaminSea products are hand-harvested directly from the North Atlantic Ocean, processed, and packed in-house. That processing is very low, though- Vitamin Sea sun-dries their seaweed to maintain all of the natural nutrients that make seaweed so special.

VitaminSea’s philosophy is one of giving back. People take so much from the ocean and the land, but VitaminSea ensures their seaweed is sustainably harvested so that the Earth can heal from harvests and they can continue to produce amazing foods that you can enjoy for years to come.

Looking for a new snack packed with nutrients? Visit for more information.

Aquaculture & Pantry

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