what we do


We aim to serve as a bridge between Maine's food producers and its public, providing meaningful, educational ways for people to connect with Maine’s diverse community of food and beverage producers.

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what we're working towards

A community and public resource, we aim to become the foremost food education and tourism destination in Maine; to strengthen and support Maine's food ecosystem by creating opportunities of encounter between Maine food producers a the public.


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what we believe in

Community: We are active members of our midcoast Maine community and constantly seek new opportunities for connection. 

Education: We are an educational resource about Maine-produced food and drink for both Maine residents and tourists.

Sustainability: We are committed to incorporating environmentally-friendly practices into every aspect of our business. 

Accessibility: We strive to make all of our assets inclusive and accessible to all who would like to enjoy them.

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Maine Tasting Center is a Maine Benefit Corporation. This is a voluntary election, registered with the State of Maine, which requires a commitment to conduct business operations with equal consideration given to all stakeholders - customers, employees, shareholders, industry partners and the local community. 

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Our Maine Objective

We like to say that we build bridges between Maine's food & beverage producers and its public.

Bridges are places of encounter.

Sustainable, thriving food systems require a nuanced understanding of stakeholders and stakes: the farmers, fishermen, brewers, bakers, growers, and makers, their communities, their land, their craft.


To this end, we provide educational opportunities that bring to the surface the rich narratives to be found within Maine's food system. 

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