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Two Fat Cats Bakery

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American-style treats baked two purrfection

Two Fat Cats Bakery

Do you ever have that craving for a freshly-baked pie or a warm, comforting baked good with love? Founded in 2005, Two Fat Cats Bakery has been the spot in Portland to get a taste of classic American baked goods for years.

Since 2005, the brand has grown significantly, hiring more staff and adding a second location in South Portland in 2018, but their core ideals, dedication to community, and love for a cozy, rustic flare have remained. Made with real butter, local eggs, and wild Maine blueberries, Two Fat Cats Bakery’s most iconic sweets are their pies, which get neverending raving reviews on their Facebook and Instagram @twofatcatsbakery. And, through their Baking that Matters program, each sale of their Triple Berry Pie generates funds for local beneficiaries that change every year. Visit their website for the full rundown of their menu and locations!


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