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Stonington Seafood

Smoked seafoods in the tradition of the Scottish highlands.

Stonington Seafood

Stonington Seafood is owned and operated by Richard Penfold, who began smoking fish 40 years ago in Scotland after studying Fisheries Science in college. He worked underneath two of Shetland’s legendary smoke masters, who were producing kippers and Finnan Haddie for export all over the world. In 1997, he moved to Stonington, ME with his wife and helped to form Stonington Sea Products, a well-regarded and award-winning smokehouse.

After that business was sold in 2010, he founded Stonington Seafood with the mission of making top-quality Finnan Haddie widely available, keeping the food tradition alive for future generations. He smokes his Finnan Haddie in a historic kiln that was shipped from Scotland in 2001 – a nearly exact replica of a Torry kiln, the first mechanized kiln.

In addition to his iconic Finnan Haddie (which people order from all over the world!), Richard also produces smoked kipper fillets, salted cod, smoked cod, and smoked mackerel.


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