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Spring Day Creamery

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Small-batch, experimental cheeses in the French artisanal tradition.

Spring Day Creamery

Spring Day Creamery (est. 2008) is a small, solar-powered operation in Durham, ME, helmed by cheesemaker Sarah Spring.

Inspired by her years living and working in the French countryside, Sarah purchased an old farm and set to restoring it with her husband. Her first foray into cheesemaking was purely experimental, but promising enough that she built a creamery in the annex off the old farmhouse kitchen. She founded Spring Day Creamery shortly thereafter. The name pays homage to the Day Family, who stewarded the land for 150 years.

Sarah makes only 4,000 pounds of cheese each year —small, hands-on, experimental batches, letting all the forces of nature do their part to produce cheeses that taste of the place. Try Spring Day Blue on our cheese board, and head to the creamery to snag a wheel.


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