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Pickle's Potions

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Clean cosmetic concoctions that work

Pickle's Potions

Pickle’s Potions isn’t exactly what it sounds like. There aren’t really any pickles in the products, and there isn’t much magic occurring- just a mixture of simple, natural ingredients.

Kristin “Pickle” Mutchler began the search for natural, clean beauty products when she was first pregnant. Looking at the labels of her regular cosmetics, she realized that the cosmetics she owned were made with toxic ingredients and hormone disruptors that aren’t great for people, especially pregnant people. But after she threw away her harmful beauty products, she couldn’t find a natural replacement that worked as well as they could. So, she started doing her own research on how to make an effective line of natural cosmetics that are safe for everyone to use. This research wasn’t just looking on the internet and searching; Mutchler now has certifications in herbology and aromatherapy and an advanced diploma in organic cosmetic science. In doing this, she developed the first skincare products of Pickle’s Potions in her kitchen and introduced her products to the community of Wayne, ME, where everyone immediately saw the promise of her potions.

Since that first introduction in 2015, Mutchler’s business has transformed from a DIY project to a full-scale business with a lab and a storefront. The natural aspects of her products are often unsuspecting foods that people hear about a lot in daily life but would never imagine could be effective, active ingredients in skincare and beauty products. These ingredients include locally sourced herbs and beeswax as well as unrefined oils and butters, which give her products their clean title while also supporting local food producers.

Her climb to clean beauty champ has won her numerous awards, with many of her products being decorated in national and global competitions (4 of her products were Gold Winners in just the 2022 Global Makeup Awards!). The overflowing positive reviews on all of her products show just how amazing they are. All of her products are available for sale on her website at, including a vegan line! And, all of the listings show the ingredients she uses with explanations of their uses, so you will never have to guess what is in your Pickle’s Potion.


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