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Mumbai to MAINE

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Maine's first Indian-inspired culinary brand

Mumbai to MAINE

Steeped in one woman’s craving for her mother’s signature Indian dishes, Mumbai to MAINE seeks to bridge the culinary and cultural divide between Mumbai and Maine through Gourmet Indian-inspired Simmer Sauces based on delectable family recipes. Owner Cherie Scott lived in Mumbai until she was 16 years old. When she moved to North America and realized she missed the iconic flavors of her childhood, she launched her culinary blog to reawaken those nostalgic flavors in her Maine kitchen. In 2020, in the heart of the pandemic, she launched her debut collection of simmer sauces intended to broaden access to (and love for) regionally authentic Indian cuisine.

Mumbai to MAINE has curated hand-made mouth-watering Indian Simmer Sauces designed to be both shelf stable and insatiably savory. The collection is currently available on the website,, and at our Tasting Room's retail shop. In addition, several specialty retail markets and restaurants across the state of Maine and beyond proudly carry the collection, click here to find that list:


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