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Mousam Valley Mushrooms

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Organically grown and locally owned Maine mushrooms

Mousam Valley Mushrooms

Cultivating mushrooms in the wild is great, but nature's surprises aren’t so amazing. Striving to maintain the wild influence of natural mushroom cultivating and foraging at a large scale, the Sharood family decided to found Mousam Valley Mushrooms in 2012 to produce Maine mushrooms with an organic approach. Using Maine hardwood and straw from the woods and fields they forage in, the Sharood family grows all of their mushrooms indoors to ensure a quality product year-round, but weaves in natural elements through their recreation of the local conditions that make Maine mushrooms Maine mushrooms. This natural approach focuses on the mushrooms’ growing conditions, the mushrooms themselves, and the transportation of the mushrooms to their customers. Their native and exotic mushrooms are all certified organic, non-GMO, and have no preservatives, and they make a great effort to keep their growing and packaging practices sustainable. And that’s it- they work year-round to make mushrooms and only mushrooms. With years of experience and passion for mushroom growing, foraging, and eating, the Sharoods are able to cultivate cleaner, more sustainable mushroom growing practices that make their mushrooms taste so good and ensure that they will stay that way for years to come.

Visit to browse all of the mushroom varieties they offer and see some of their favorite ways to cook up their products!


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