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Morse's Sauerkraut

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A recipe that stands the test of time.

Morse's Sauerkraut

Morse’s Sauerkraut was founded in 1918 by Virgil Morse in Waldoboro, Maine. Over a hundred years later, the company uses the same methods to create its famous sauerkraut: cabbage grown by neighboring White Oak Farm is shredded by hand, tamped with wooden mallets, and weighed down by river stones.  Over the years, they hae also added crock pickles, relishes, mustard and horseradish to their roster of delicious goods. If you’re looking for another great stop on your Maine food tour, be sure to check out Morse’s – not only do they sell delicious sauerkraut and pickles, but they also have a fabulous German restaurant onsite and a full specialty food market. It is a can’t-miss destination in midcoast Maine!


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