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Midcoast Vegan

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Hand-made artisanal plant-based meats and cheeses

Midcoast Vegan

This small, family-owned vegan business’ artisanal, quality products have not only spread the love for vegan foods through their popularity but also a special care for the environment and people that will support our future. Their scrumptious seitan-based meats and fermented plant-based cheeses are hand-made and carefully packaged at their farm in Brunswick, ME to be sold across New England. Pulling from a forest garden, their wild, plant-based ingredients have been skillfully fermented and lovingly prepared to concoct an ever-expanding variety of vegan meats and cheeses that can win over even the most skeptical of omnivores! Midcoast Vecan’s product line includes cream cheese, salami, ham, and sunflower cheese – and they have recently expanded their menu to sell foods made with their popular products, such as charcuterie boards or vegan Maine Italians.

Just look to their Instagram and Facebook (@midcoastvegan) for countless mouth-watering photos of their work and raving reviews of their products! If you are already craving a vegan delicacy handcrafted here in Maine, you can visit to view a limited selection of their products, directly visit their farm, or say hi to them in person at farmers’ markets across Midcoast Maine.

Cheese and Charcuterie

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