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Maine Needham Company

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The iconic potato candy- a 150-year old tradition made with coconut and potato filling and covered in dark chocolate

Maine Needham Company

The reason that the Maine Needham has been an iconic Maine tradition for so many years is, well, it’s delicious! Linda Lenberg recognized this powerful potato product as a Maine delicacy, and in 2007, she began making Needhams in her small kitchen in Norway, ME to pursue the craft of the uniquely Maine treat. For twelve years, Lenberg owned and operated the company herself, but in 2019, she decided that her time in Needham making had come to an end.

That is where the Picards came in. Approached by Lenberg, Gerard and Malika Picard, who already had some confectionery experience, agreed to continue the Maine Needham Company legacy and purchased the company in April 2019. And, even though Lenberg has since taken a different path, her Needham recipe remains the candy cornerstone of the Maine Needham Company.

Gerard continues to carry out this recipe as the confectioner of the Maine Needham Company, mixing the potato and coconut filling, covering the filling with a gourmet blend of dark chocolate, and packing the Needhams for sale, while Malika does the marketing for their treats. As the company continued to expand, the Picards decided to move their operations from a commercial kitchen in their basement to a larger kitchen in Saco, ME to keep up with demand and to finally have a separate dedicated space for their Needham-making.

The appreciation that the Picards hold for Needhams is truly a sight to behold. Did you know that they were the people to propose a Maine Needham Day to the state of Maine, which is now the fourth Saturday of September every year? You can find unique flavors of this moving treat, savor the traditional flavor, or try a potato-free version of the candy at See what the Maine Needham Company is up to on Instagram or Facebook @maineneedhams!


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