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Maine Crisp Co.

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Wholesome, tasty, gluten- and grain-free crisps

Maine Crisp Co.

Imagine former dairy farmer, cheesemaker, and bread-baker Karen Getz’s surprise to learn that she would need to cut gluten out of her diet. Actually, for a lot of people, it’s not hard to imagine- gluten intolerance is on the rise, and more people are looking for healthy alternatives to their favorite glutinous foods. A foodie at heart, Getz knew that lack of options in this gluten-free space was an issue and that she was craving a variety of satisfying, gluten-free snacks that just didn’t exist. So, she began experimenting with buckwheat flour, a gluten-free grain-like flour with a robust, nutty flavor, in her cooking and baking and created the company’s first crisps in her own kitchen- cranberry almond and blueberry walnut crisps.

Launched soon after in 2014 from Getz’s kitchen, Maine Crisp has been distributing its gluten- and grain-free crisps across New England for years. Their product line remains simple- but that’s what makes it so good. With only five flavors, Maine Crisp has been able to perfect each delicious bite, from the ingredients all the way to the distribution. Buckwheat isn’t just an amazing-tasting crop- it is also a regenerative plant that is naturally flavorful and nutrient-rich, meaning that it is a superfood that also gives back to the soil. The other fruits, nuts, and ingredients in the crisps are all sustainably sourced and carefully selected to create their rich flavor profile. While the ingredients used are all naturally gluten-free, Maine Crisp’s production facilities are intentionally kept gluten-free so that people can feel safe while snacking on their favorite crisps.

Maine Crisp boasts a number of accolades, amazing reviews, and certifications, all of which can be found for each product on their website Follow them on Instagram and Facebook @mainecrisp for more updates!


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