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Maine Coast Fishermen's Association

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Support Maine Fishermen. Feed Maine Communities. Enjoy Maine Seafood!

Maine Coast Fishermen's Association

Founded in 2006 by dedicated fishermen from Port Clyde, the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association (MCFA) has operated for almost two decades, working to improve fisheries management and amplify the voices of fishermen in the discussion of fisheries policy. Today, MCFA protects waterfronts that are essential for fishermen, promotes innovation in the fishing industry through research and community development, provides support for fishermen who have been impacted by a decline in the value of fish, and advocates for policies that create fisheries that will last. In addition to working directly with fishermen, MCFA also strives to raise awareness among communities and consumers about the value of Maine's fisheries. For this reason, MCFA has also created materials for Maine communities such as recipes using Maine seafood, a podcast highlighting voices within Maine’s fishing industry (, resources to educate and update the community on what’s happening along the waterfront, and tools for coastal towns to use to protect and promote thriving fishing communities in Maine (

One of the ways that MCFA works to support fishermen is to raise awareness about the array of delicious sustainable seafood harvested along the Maine coast. During the pandemic, fish declined in value and markets disappeared, leaving committed fishermen with an uncertain future. In response, MCFA initiated its Fishermen Feeding Mainers (FFM) program, a fish donation program that purchases fish at a fair price from fishermen and donates it to the food insecure. In order to support this program and to introduce consumers to monkfish, a tasty but often overlooked seafood species, MCFA worked with Hurricane’s Premium Soups and Chowders in Greene, Maine to develop the 2023 Good Food Award-winning Maine Coast Monkfish Stew. The Stew, made with sustainably harvested monkfish along with Maine vegetables and dairy, is sold to generate revenue for the FFM program. This ready to heat and serve gluten-free product is being served or sold at over 70 locations statewide, including right here at the Maine Tasting Center!

To find the nearest location, visit If you would like to support the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association or any of its programs, there are many opportunities to do so at And, if you would like to visit MCFA in person, please visit or contact Susan Olcott, Director of Operations at for more information!


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