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Lucy's Granola

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Lucy's Granola

It was a quiet Saturday morning in 2006- until Lucy Benjamin heard a knock on her door. That’s when she remembered- she forgot to bake a cake for the monthly library bake sale! Instead of sulking empty-handed to the children at her doorstep, she took granola she had just made for herself, split it into jars, and gave it to the children so they at least had something to sell. After the bake sale, she was surprised to learn that all of her granola had sold within 10 minutes, and soon after people were coming to her door asking her for more. This is when she knew she had a good product, one that was unique and delicious. In 2009, she made it official, and Lucy’s Granola started producing its savory snacks for purchase.

Now sold across the U.S., her granola stands out because of the way that Lucy makes it. Her products are less sweet than competitors’ and have no added flavor, instead relying on wholesome ingredients for the depth of flavor that you can taste in each bite. They are also fresh: after being handmade in her commercial kitchen with mainly local Maine products, they are sold at the farmers market she attends or shipped across the country.

Lucy’s granola enterprise has now grown past just granola, and she also makes trail mix, toffee bars (available in our Tasting Room!), and chicken feed that tastes great to people too. Visit for a full list of her products, where to buy them, and how to use them!


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