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Lucky Pigeon Brewing Co.

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Maine’s first dedicated gluten-free brewery

Lucky Pigeon Brewing Co.

Since their founding in 2018, Lucky Pigeon Brewing Co. has put in countless hours of testing, refining, and brewing as Maine’s first dedicated gluten-free brewery. After co-founder Kathleen Pigeon realized she could make brewing more inclusive to people who are gluten-sensitive like her, Kathleen, her wife Bev, Bev’s sister Lesley Bramer, and Lesley’s husband Nic started Lucky Pigeon Brewing Co. in Biddeford, ME with a mission to make beer that is safe for those with intolerance to gluten and simply delicious to all.

Lucky Pigeon Brewing is the first dedicated gluten-free brewery in Maine, meaning that 100% of their products are brewed with ingredients that are naturally without gluten. This is different from beers that are brewed with barley-based ingredients, which contain gluten and are then stripped of gluten or have the gluten reduced.  

In August 2021, Lucky Pigeon Brewing Co. opened their tasting room where people can visit to try their gluten-free beers on draft and buy cans of Lucky Pigeon Brewing Co. beer to go. Today, Lucky Pigeon is sold in over 100 places across Maine and Vermont. To find a location closest to you or to learn more about the wonderful brands of Lucky Pigeon Brewing Co., visit!


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