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Just Crackers

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Small batch, hand-milled, locally sourced- Just Crackers

Just Crackers

Sprouting from founder Elaine Mack’s longing for her favorite flavors from the U.S. while overseas, Just Crackers is now known for its delectable crackers in a variety of flavors designed to satisfy your craving for the wonderful flavors of Maine. Mack’s products are all imbued with her many years of experience tasting foods while immersed in various cultures from around the world. The crafting of these crispy treats began in an ovenless kitchen in South Korea, where Mack realized she needed to supplement her diet with an ingredient that was not available in South Korea- spelt. Yearning for spelt, Mack had it shipped directly to her in South Korea and started experimenting with cracker-making through the rigorous process of hand-milling her own flour to be baked in small batches of crackers. While her location and ingredients have changed over the years, her handmade processes have not.

On her journey throughout the world, Mack was first introduced to Maine through a connection to the Maine Seaweed Company, which produces the kelp that is featured in some of Mack’s crackers. This led Mack to discover the wonders of the rich food culture at the United Farmers Market of Maine, where she eventually decided to set up her own shop. Originally founded as Popcorn and More in 2019 when Mack sold, well, popcorn and more, since 2020, Just Crackers has focused solely on hand-milling flour to create small batches of unforgettable crackers.

Now, Just Crackers offers over 40 types of crackers produced with fresh ingredients from Maine (except for Italian olive oil that Mack sources from a fellow farmers’ market vendor). To spread the cracker love, Mack also creates gluten-free, grain-free, and vegan varieties of her delectable snacks.

Check out Just Crackers’ wonderful products at the United Farmers Market of Maine, Marsh River Co-op, Sawyer's Market, or the Maine Grains Retail Store!!

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