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Hilltop Boilers

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Four generations of family-owned Maine maple syrup

Hilltop Boilers

Few family traditions have proven as mouth-wateringly delicious as the art of making maple syrup. The wonderful Maine maple products of Hilltop Boilers are the result of the Bryant family’s four-generation-long dedication to this art form. For over three decades, this company has been developing a variety of new maple products using their classic, iconic Maine maple syrup produced with years of experience in the craft.

At Hilltop Boilers, they practice a perfected system for tapping maple trees that guarantees excellent taste every year. Every year as Spring begins to bloom, maple trees are ripe for the tapping. They select only the healthiest trees in their Newfield and Limerick sugarbushes to harvest the most important ingredient in their products- maple sap. Healthy trees produce sweet sap that is kept fresh by being gathered daily – an essential step in quality that makes Hilltop Boilers syrup irresistible. The collected sap is then boiled on a traditional wood-fired evaporator. This complex process is truly what makes their maple products so great.  Visit during their event days in March (including Maine Maple Weekend) and April to see this process in action!

Want to know why Hilltop Boilers was voted Maine’s Best Maine Maple Syrup and Best of the 207 Maple Syrup in 2023? You can find their delicious range of products in their farm store or on their website  The Maple Store in Newfield is open Saturdays year-round.  If you would like to test an amazing variety of delectable products from other small businesses in the area, we recommend participating in the Sunshine/Snowflake Trail, which is a unique shopping trail held in both July and November featuring Hilltop Boilers and other local businesses.


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