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Colvard & Co.

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Handcrafted all-natural pork and chicken sausages

Colvard & Co.

Colvard & Co Sausages began on the coast of Maine in 2016. Chef Carter Light started making sausages in his restaurant, but like many others the restaurant did not make it through the pandemic. He converted the liquor storage area into a state-licensed sausage-making facility and the company has grown steadily ever since. Colvard & Co makes handcrafted, all-natural chicken & pork sausages. Chef Light is very serious about what he puts into Colvard sausages AND what he does not include. Colvard does not use any fillers, nitrates or anything artificial. All of their sausages are also gluten-free. Colvard uses their own handmade spice mixes and makes their sausages fresh every week.  Taste the Colvard difference and you will not be disappointed.

Visit Colvard & Co's Website at for some recipe inspiration, instructions on how to cook their sausages, and where to purchase their products. Follow them on Instagram @colvardsausages.


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