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Bixby Chocolate

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Creative confections from Maine's first bean-to-bar factory

Bixby Chocolate

Bixby Chocolate, established in 2011 by Kate McAleer, was born out of a passion for chocolate and a determination to make chocolate with a conscience. Proudly woman-owned and family-run (Kate's mother, Donna, has been actively involved from the start), Bixby is  committed to supporting the communities that are involved in all stages of their production.

Bixby makes a diversity of chocolates and confections- from certified organic and vegan chocolates, to premium bean-to-bar varieties, to drinking chocolates and bonbons. For Kate, business is a community affair: some of the company's standout offerings were born out of collaborations with other Maine producers, like Split Rock Distilling and Maine Grains. Allagash Peanut Beer Brittle is a favorite of guests at the Tasting Center all season long.

Find Bixby Chocolate products in a local store or visit their website at to learn more about their delicious sweets.


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