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Atlantic Sea Farms

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Seaweed farms with a strong social mission.

Atlantic Sea Farms

In 2009, the founders of Atlantic Sea Farms created the first commercially-viable seaweed farm in the United States. Then and now, their goal has been to diversify how coastal waters are used and to provide a domestic, fresh and healthy alternative to imported seaweed products.

Today, the company identifies and works with fishermen throughout the coast of Maine, to help them start their own kelp farms. They provide technical assistance and training, helping farms obtain leases, set up their gear, learn how to seed and harvest, and support their business planning. Post harvest, they use seaweed from partner farms to create easy-to-cook-with products like cut kelp and kelp cubes, and also create delicious value-add products like fermented seaweed salad.

Atlantic Sea Farms products can be found at shops throughout the United States with a heavy presence in California and the mid-Atlantic and New England regions.


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