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Aegir's Den Meadery

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Meads made from Maine honey.

Aegir's Den Meadery

Wine making has been a Mancini family tradition for generations - one which Mark and Carrie Mancini continue in their Palermo meadery. Their meadmaking journey began as a happy experiment in the Spring of 2012: they wanted to compete in a  "dandelion wine off" with friends while holding true to their Paleo diet. Enter, Maine honey. The drink they ended up was delicious, and different from any wine they had tasted before. Soon after, they founded Aegir's Den. 

Today, Mark and Carrie produce a line of dry, sparkling session meads in cans, as well as several full-strength meads in beautifully designed bottles that highlight Norse mythology: Metheglin (mead aged with spices), Melomel (mead aged with fruit), Acerglyn (mead aged with maple syrup from our family’s maple grove) and Cyser (mead aged using apple cider, hand pressed from a local holistic orchard). They source their raw honey from hives in Jay, Palmyra, and Pittsfield Maine.


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