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Absolem Cider

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Ciders inspired by old-world wine techniques, a sense of place, encouraging new traditions, and experimentation

Absolem Cider

An experience like this occurs once in a lifetime. Or twice. Or however many times you crave the taste of a draft cider handcrafted with local apples.

Located in Winthrop, Absolem Cider was launched in 2020 on the site of a beautiful orchard and 150-year-old barn by Ryan Travers, Kevin Sturtevant, and Zack Kaiser. Using traditional cider-producing methods, including growing local heirloom apples, aging in barrels, and fermenting with native yeasts, the three cultivated apples, tested blends, and aged their ciders to perfection until their grand opening in 2021. Now, Absolem Cider has hand-made over 30 varieties of ciders, including unique blends with wines made from grapes and apples from around the U.S.

Absolem Cider has perfected both the taste of their beverages and the experience of the tasting of their beverages. The antique barn in which they age their ciders also serves as an atmospheric tasting room where visitors are invited to try several Absolem ciders as well as cocktails, beers, wines, and snacks.

Want to learn more? Visit their website to learn about all of the intricacies of their ciders, such as the sourcing of their apples and grapes and the aging process, or follow Absolem Cider @absolemcider on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with their events.


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