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A Smallgood

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Cured meats with a sense of place.

A Smallgood

A Smallgood is a family-run salumeria, founded in 2018 by Oliver and Kelly Perkins.  A Smallgood prides itself on reimagining the craft of cured meats using wild fermentation, hard cider and koji. 

A Smallgood uses only whole animals and primal cuts sourced directly from local farmers. All animals are raised on living pasture with a focus on animal welfare. In the shop, they practice traditional European "seam butchery," a technique that focuses on pulling out individual muscle groups to reduce waste and allow for a better preparation of salami grinds and whole muscle cures. 

In place of standard freeze-dried cultures, the company uses their own in-house ferments, built up from the spent hard cider lees they collect from a local hard cidery that spontaneously ferments its cider. A Small Good then adds their own lacto-brines to build up the vigor before using it to catalyze the fermentation of the salami. They are currently the only USDA facility in the US that is wild fermenting its products.


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