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Queso Presto Cheesemaking Workshop

2024 Dates


7/6/24, 3:00 PM

9/5/24, 7:00 PM



Taught by

Eric Rector, Monroe Cheese Studio

Queso Presto! Cheesemaking Workshop

Cheese making is so mysterious because it starts by turning a liquid into a solid. Cheese making also takes A LOT of time: usually a day of work just to get the initial stage of fresh cheese, then weeks/months/years of aging to change a bland white chalky lump into something completely different. In this hands-on workshop, local cheese maker Eric Rector -- from Monroe Cheese Studio -- will summarize 10,000 years of cheese making and show you how to make a quick and tasty cheese in an effort to describe milk's "leap toward immortality.”

This workshop is held in our Learning Center and is taught by Eric Rector, owner and cheesemaker at Monroe Cheese Studio. All supplies will be provided and you will have the opportunity to sample the cheese you've made before the end of the class.

Your ticket also includes a drink of your choosing in the Tasting Room while your cheese is being pressed!

Advance registration is required. Buy your tickets today at

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