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Meads of Maine

8/14/24, 9:00 PM

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Meads of Maine

What is mead? Is it beer? Is it wine? While mead is often called honey wine, the truth is that mead can be made in a wide range of styles and alcohol levels. That makes it have broad appeal to both wine and beer drinkers. Come learn more by tasting 5 different meads, including one made with hops!

The price of your registration includes a full pour of one of your top-rated wines from the class in the Tasting Room immediately following the class.

Meads of Maine is presented by Maine Tasting Center and its non-profit partner organization Maine Food and Beverage Education Center. The class will be taught by Lynda Gaines, a WSET Level 3 Certified “Wine Enthusiast”.


New for 2024! Join WSET Level 3 certified ‘wine enthusiast’ Lynda Gaines on “Wine Wednesdays” for an immersive class series that will help you explore all that Maine’s wine industry has to offer – get to know wineries from across the state, learn about the techniques Maine winemakers use to offset the effects of our colder climate, and, of course, sample a wide variety of local wines! Attend one program, or all four to deepen your understanding and enhance your enjoyment of every sip.

Special offer: Register for all four programs to enjoy 15% off! Visit to learn more and register for the complete package!

Lynda Gaines, WSET Level 3

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