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Maine Malts and Malty Beers

2024 Dates


6/20/24, 8:00 PM



Taught by

Will Laliberte, Mad Scientist Brewing

Maine Malts & Malty Beers

Malted grains provide the backbone for beer, influencing its color, flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel. In this class, participants will learn about how malt is made here in Maine and around the world, and about the techniques that maltsters use to make different malt products from the same base grain. You’ll have a chance to taste samples of malt and learn how different malts can be used together to produce the characteristic flavors of classic beer styles. The class will also showcase several malt-forward Maine craft beers that participants will sample. If you’re interested in a break from hop-heavy beers, this class will provide a refreshing change of pace into the many varieties of malty beer.


New for 2024! Join Certified Cicerone® Will Laliberte of Mad Scientist Brewing on the third Thursday of each month for an immersive class series that will help you explore the intricate world of craft beer - explore hops & malts and learn how to identify off flavors, capping it all off with an educational beer-pairing dinner featuring some of Maine's most iconic dishes. Attend one program, or all four to deepen your understanding and enhance your enjoyment of every sip.

Special offer: Register for all four programs to enjoy 15% off! Visit to learn more and register for the complete package!

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