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Maine Hops and Hoppy Beers

2024 Dates


7/18/24, 9:00 PM



Taught by

Will Laliberte, Made Scientist Brewing

Maine Hops & Hoppy Beers

Explore the wide world of hops and how they influence the flavor of beer - there are many varieties out there and each one contributes something a little different. Learn about hops grown and sold right here in Maine and the producers that offer them - plus, taste samples of hops and learn how different hops can be used together to produce the characteristic flavors of familiar beer styles. The class will also showcase several hop-forward Maine craft beers that participants will sample in a guided tasting.


New for 2024! Join Certified Cicerone® Will Laliberte of Mad Scientist Brewing on the third Thursday of each month for an immersive class series that will help you explore the intricate world of craft beer - explore hops & malts and learn how to identify off flavors, capping it all off with an educational beer-pairing dinner featuring some of Maine's most iconic dishes. Attend one program, or all four to deepen your understanding and enhance your enjoyment of every sip.

Special offer: Register for all four programs to enjoy 15% off! Visit to learn more and register for the complete package!

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