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Flavors of Maine 201 Wine and Mead

2024 Dates




Taught by

Maine Tasting Center Team

Flavors of Maine 201: Wine and Mead

This drop-in class is offered once or twice a week (on Monday and Friday one week, and Wednesday the next)! Buy your tickets online at or in-person at the bar in the Tasting Room (in-person ticket sales close 15 minutes prior to class start time).

Explore the wines and meads of Maine! Take your tastebuds on a trip around the state and explore the wide variety of wines made right here in our state - including those made with imported grapes, those made with cold-hardy grapes grown in Maine, and those made from ingredients that aren't grapes at all! Participants will be introduced to six Maine-made wines and meads from six different producers - and hear the stories behind the wineries that brought them to your glass.

Your Maine Tasting Center guide will walk you through a flight of six wines in a variety of styles. Learn about the styles represented, the ingredients and techniques used, and the stories of the winemakers themselves.

This guided, 30-minute experience is a fantastic introduction to Maine's wine landscape and history. We recommend scheduling this class at the beginning of your time in Maine so you can take advantage of all you've learned during the rest of your trip. Stick around afterwards for personalized recommendations from your MTC host about wineries, breweries, markets, farms and other agritourism experiences to seek out while in Maine - customized to your interests and the regions you plan to visit while in Maine.

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