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Breaking the Mold Unexpected Maine Cheese Pairings

2024 Dates


8/1/24, 9:00 PM



Taught by

Eric Rector, Monroe Cheese Studio

Breaking the Mold: Unexpected Maine Cheese Pairings

When we think of pairing cheese, wine is often the first companion that comes to mind – but the art of cheese pairing is so much broader. In this brand new class with cheesemaker Eric Rector (Monroe Cheese Studio), explore a range of less-obvious but equally delicious accompaniments for your favorite Maine cheeses. Coffee, tea, and even chocolate will be the stars of the show as you learn the principles behind creative cheese pairings that will bring new life to your cheese plates and elevate your tasting experience – without any alcohol at all!

In this class, participants will learn why certain foods pair so well with cheese and how to identify potential pairing partners for different styles of cheese. And, of course, there will be plenty of tasting! Five delicious Maine cheeses will be featured in the class, each paired with an accompaniment that illustrates the principles being taught. A product list detailing all of the Maine products sampled during the class will be provided.

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