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Crooked Face Creamery

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Udderly amazing cow’s milk products

Crooked Face Creamery

From humble beginnings as a nostalgic dream to a brand well-loved across the U.S., Crooked Face Creamery has gained notoriety for its unique cheeses and its place in the Skowhegan community. Crooked Face Creamery, founded in 2012, was Amy Rowbottom’s second chance at the agricultural life, using cow’s milk from the farm she grew up on to make specialty artisan cheeses on the side as she worked full time off the farm. In 2016, Rowbottom recognized her love for making cheese and the potential that her cheese business had, and so she quit her full-time job to pursue a career in cheesemaking.

Now, in her Skowhegan location, Rowbottom is churning out her iconic ricotta and other cheeses for a local and nationwide consumer base. She uses local dairy to create unique creamy concoctions such as herbed ricotta and applewood smoked butter. Some may say that Crooked Face Creamery all started with one silly-looking cow, but Rowbottom’s dedication to cheesemaking and connection to the dairy industry in Maine have truly made it what it is today. Visit see all of Rowbottom’s products or follow her on Instagram and Facebook @crookedfacecreamery!

Cheese & Charcuterie

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