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Homestyle Indian Cooking Journey

2024 Dates


6/28/24, 9:30 PM

7/19/24, 9:30 PM

8/30/24, 9:30 PM

10/4/24, 9:30 PM



Taught by

San Rudra, Bayan Tree

A Homestyle Indian Cooking Journey

Join San Rudra of Damariscotta’s Banyan Tree food truck to embark on a culinary journey where Maine's local bounty meets the vibrant flavors of India. Get hands-on as you learn to craft homestyle Indian dishes using fresh ingredients sourced from Maine farmers and fishermen. During each class, participants will cook up a delectable dish plus accompaniments, exploring essential Indian cooking techniques and flavor combinations. Once the dishes are cooked, stick around to enjoy dinner as a group before packing up your leftovers to share with friends and family at home.

Each class will focus on a different dish and featured ingredient:

  • Friday, June 28th @ 5:30pm: Homestyle Chicken Curry with accompaniments

  • Friday, July 19th @ 5:30pm: Eggplant Two Ways, Mom’s Dal with accompaniments

  • Friday, August 30th @ 5:30pm: Bengal Fish Curry with accompaniments

  • Friday, October 4th @ 5:30pm: Palak Paneer with accompaniments

All ingredients, supplies and recipes will be provided. Your ticket also includes a drink of your choice to enjoy with dinner – Maine beer, wine, cider, mead or soda. Advance registration is required - buy your tickets today at


About San

San was born in India and spent the first half of his life there. He is an accomplished financial services executive with diverse, progressive experience across global locations.

San's love for food started early at his home with recipes and flavors that were passed down the generations. During his corporate stint in the Philippines, he met his wife Florence, who exposed San to the oriental flavors and styles of cooking.

San shared a very special bond with his Bapi (Dad) whom he lost in 2021. Bapi had a profound love for cooking and spent many an evening with friends and family over food. San's food truck Banyan Tree is a testament to Bapi's cooking skills and also symbolizes Florence and San's journey, putting down roots in Maine. You will find San and Florence and their two wonderful kids in Banyan Tree on Saturday and Sunday afternoons throughout the summer at Oxbow Brewing in Newcastle.

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