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Sensory Sleuths Identifying and Understanding Off Flavors in Beers

2024 Dates


8/15/24, 9:00 PM



Taught by

Will Laliberte, Mad Scientist Brewing

Sensory Sleuths: Identifying and Understanding Off-Flavors in Beer

Join Certified Cicerone® Will Laliberte for a sensory journey through the world of beer - with a special focus on "off-flavors." Off-flavors are any flavor that the brewer didn't intent to end up in the finished beer. What causes these flavors? How can they be prevented?

Through a guided tasting including 12 different examples, learn to identify and understand the causes of common off-flavors. This class is intended to empower both homebrewers and beer enthusiasts to improve their brewing and tasting experiences - perfect for those seeking to refine their craft or deepen their beer expertise.


New for 2024! Join Certified Cicerone® Will Laliberte of Mad Scientist Brewing on the third Thursday of each month for an immersive class series that will help you explore the intricate world of craft beer - explore hops & malts and learn how to identify off flavors, capping it all off with an educational beer-pairing dinner featuring some of Maine's most iconic dishes. Attend one program, or all four to deepen your understanding and enhance your enjoyment of every sip.

Special offer: Register for all four programs to enjoy 15% off! Visit to learn more and register for the complete package!

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