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Eat the Invasive A Collaborative Green Crab Supper

2024 Dates


9/12/24, 9:00 PM



Taught by

John Painter, Maine Green Crabs

Eat the Invasive: A Collaborative Green Crab Supper

Curious about green crabs? This invasive crustacean has been making increasingly frequent appearances in the news and public discourse as they move further north; now present in Maine waters, the green crab presents a real threat – they have few predators, aggressively hunt other species, and effectively outcompete local species for food and habitat.

What can you do to help? Well, the first step to get educated! Join John Painter of Maine Green Crabs for a hands-on exploration of all things green crab. Learn about the ecological threat these creatures pose to our state, but also about the proactive efforts underway to mitigate their impact. Plus, discover the culinary potential of green crabs and why they deserve a place on your plate – one way to help is to eat them!

In this class, participants will learn how to process green crabs for cooking and collaborate with their classmates to cook several delectable green crab dishes. This unique workshop will culminate in a shared dinner featuring the dishes you helped to make during the class.

All ingredients, equipment and recipes will be provided – plus additional resources about green crabs for you to take home and share with friends and family. A drink of your choosing to enjoy with dinner – Maine-made wine, beer, cider, mead or soda – is included with the cost of your ticket.

Advance registration is required - buy your ticket today at


About Maine Green Crabs

John Painter is the founder of Maine Green Crabs, an organization that provides a means for the customer to take action in addressing global warming and asserting cultural values though utilizing an invasive species as an affordable, nutritious, and culturally significant food source. Originally from Owls Head, John comes from a long line of Maine fishermen and lobstermen. Decades after leaving Maine to pursue other passions, John has returned to our state to rejoin the commercial fisheries community, this time to catch green crabs, develop innovative solutions and educate the public about this destructive, invasive threat to our marine environments. Learn more at

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