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Beyond Pizza Exploring the Versatility of the Good Crust

2024 Dates


6/1/24, 6:30 PM



Taught by

The Good Crust Team

Beyond Pizza: Exploring the Versatility of The Good Crust

Bake your own pizza, calzone, fougasse, and more with The Good Crust! While a ball of so-called “pizza dough” may make you think it’s only suited to making pizza, it’s so much more versatile than that! In this hands-on workshop, join The Good Crust to explore all of the delicious things you can create from a ball of dough – pizza, calzones, fougasse, bialys and more! Whether you’re a master dough maker or have never worked with dough before, this class will help you understand the versatility of nutritious, delicious, and easy-to-use whole-grain dough – and inspire you to get creative while incorporating more Maine grains into your diet.

All ingredients, supplies and recipes will be provided. Participants will make several recipes over the course of three hours – plenty to snack on immediately and still have leftovers to share with friends and family after the class. Want to put what you’ve learned into practice right away? The Good Crust will have additional packaged dough available onsite for sale before or after the class! Your ticket also includes a glass of Maine-made wine, beer, cider, mead or soda to enjoy with your doughy creations while you sample them.

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About the Good Crust

The Good Crust makes the only pizza dough from 100% Maine Grains in Canaan, ME. They sell their dough to over 200 breweries, restaurants, natural food stores, and school food service programs throughout New England. Visit their website to see where their dough can be found near you and learn more about strengthening our local grain economy.

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