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We’ve traveled throughout the world and know that what Maine has to offer is extraordinary.

Maine Tasting Center is a family-owned small business, born out of a love for delicious local foods and beverages.


We’re the Gross family and food and drink have been our shared passions for decades. We’ve always enjoyed going right to the source - visits to farms, creameries, breweries, hatcheries and other types of food producers have long been a staple of our family vacations and weekend outings.


We founded Maine Tasting Center as a way to bring information and products from Maine’s producers directly to residents and visitors who love Maine food and drink as much as we do!

We are passionate about Maine food and drink and are beyond thrilled to be able to share our enthusiasm with you through classes, events, exhibits, and of course...your sense of taste! We are honored to work with the producers who make Maine such a delicious place to live and visit - and we know you’ll love their products as much as we do!

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Maine Tasting Center is a Maine Benefit Corporation. This is a voluntary election, registered with the State of Maine, which requires a commitment to conduct business operations with equal consideration given to all stakeholders - customers, employees, shareholders, industry partners and the local community. 



We support Maine tourism and our local community by bringing together associations that represent Maine-produced food and drink while expanding their educational reach to a broader public audience. We engage visitors with the best Maine has to offer through exhibits, events, classes and, of course, your sense of taste!

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Maine Tasting Center builds bridges between Maine’s farmers, fisheries, brewers and producers, and the public. We improve the visibility and outreach potential of  associations representing Maine food and drink categories and help drive Maine tourism. We encourage enthusiasm for Maine-produced food and drink by helping residents and tourists experience it in many different ways.  


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We believe in:

  • Community: We are active members of our midcoast Maine community and constantly seek new opportunities for connection. 

  • Education: We are an educational resource about Maine-produced food and drink for both Maine residents and tourists.

  • Sustainability: We are committed to incorporating environmentally-friendly practices into every aspect of our business. 

  • Accessibility: We strive to make all of our assets inclusive and accessible to all who would like to enjoy them.

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