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Tide to Table Creative Home Cooking with Maine Seafood

2024 Dates


6/12/24, 9:00 PM

7/10/24, 9:00 PM

8/28/24, 9:00 PM

9/25/24, 9:00 PM


FREE! (Tickets still required)

Taught by

Varied - see ticket page for up-to-date information about class topics and presenters

Tide to Table: Creative Home Cooking with Maine Seafood

Love Maine seafood but don’t cook it at home as often as you’d like? That’s about to change! This summer, join us for a class during our four-part series designed to introduce you to the diverse array of seafood products available in Maine. Meet with fishermen, harvesters, and sea farmers from across the state to learn about the important work they do, the species that they bring to market and, of course, how you can fit more of their products into your diet! These classes are a great introduction to Maine fisheries and aquaculture – if you’d like to understand these important industries and their significance to our state, we hope you’ll join us!

Each class will feature a deep dive into a specific category of Maine seafood, with a focus on featuring both products harvested from the wild by fishermen and those grown by farmers. During our cooking demonstration, our chefs will show you easy and affordable ways to incorporate these foods into your home cooking - and our harvesters and farmers will take you behind the scenes of what it takes to get seafood to your plate. Of course, you’ll have the opportunity to sample all of the dishes we cook up! All participants will leave the class with printed resources including recipes, product lists, and local shopping recommendations for sourcing these ingredients after the class.

This class is presented by the Maine Aquaculture Hub, Maine Aquaculture Association and Maine Food & Beverage Education Center. Free admission is made possible with support from NOAA Sea Grant through the Maine Aquaculture Hub.

Please note that while tickets are free, advance registration is required - claim your free tickets now at


About the Partners

Funded by NOAA Sea Grant, the Maine Aquaculture Hub is a network for strengthening aquaculture in Maine, connecting organizations and individuals across the state. Current work aims to address gaps and emerging challenges identified by the aquaculture sector. The Hub is guided by a steering committee including Maine Sea Grant, the Maine Aquaculture Association, Coastal Enterprises, Inc., the University of Maine School of Marine Sciences, the Maine Department of Marine Resources, the Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center, and the University of Maine Aquaculture Research Institute.

The Maine Aquaculture Association (MAA) est. 1978, is a nonprofit trade association that advocates for Maine’s finfish, shellfish, and sea vegetable farmers. MAA’s mission is to support the state’s aquatic growers in developing economically and environmentally sustainable business practices, to promote the benefits of aquaculture in the local food system, and to preserve Maine’s heritage of a vibrant working waterfront.

Maine Food and Beverage Education Center, a nonprofit education center in residence at Maine Tasting Center, builds bridges between Maine's food and beverage producers and the public through classes, exhibits, events and a tasting room. Learn more at

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