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Chinese Dumplings with a Maine Twist

8/11/24, 3:00 PM

2024 Dates




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Chinese Dumplings with a Maine Twist

Let’s make dumplings! Join instructor Jeff Mao to learn about – and make – a variety of Chinese dumpling styles using Maine ingredients from local farms and producers. Try your hand at making three different kinds of dumpling dough with Maine Grains flour – and then use those doughs to make three kinds of dumplings: steamed, boiled and steam-fried. Mix up some pork and shrimp filling and learn a variety of folding techniques before cooking up your dumpling creations. And, of course, spend a little time making dipping sauces to accompany them!

Enjoy some of your dumplings as an afternoon snack alongside an included beverage in the Tasting Room after class - or pack them up and take them home to share with family and friends.

We'll provide all the ingredients, materials and equipment, plus recipe sheets and product lists to take home.

Advance registration is required - buy your tickets today at

Jeff Mao, Knead & Nosh

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